Large rooms
Large rooms have bunk style beds for groups and individuals. There are two large rooms one for each gender respectively. They each have own bathrooms with hot shower and WIFI internet access with air conditioning ( overnight).

Guests pay special rate of $ 50 per day per person. Buffet style breakfast is included in the price and dinner is available on demand

Private rooms
Private rooms have two twin size beds designed for one individual each with very comfortable mattresses plus cotton sheets allowing guests to spend a great night. WiFi internet, overnight air conditioning and hot shower is also available.

  • 1 Person pays $ 60
  • 1 Additional person $30

Buffet breakfast is available and dinner is available on demand

Also available is a small desk and a secured closet where guests can store valuable items.


Contact us to book or send a message for more information.

Visa and Master cards are accepted. A bank fee may apply

*Taxes extra.

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